At Red Rock we take pride in our ability to structure coverage around a company’s specific needs. We underwrite on a case by case basis and as such we consider all industries and are adept at creating bespoke endorsements necessary to meet the particular needs of each business.

Red Rock provides coverage against risks located worldwide with a maximum total aggregate limit per buyer risk of $40,000,000. We can provide the following periods of insurances per product:

Trade Credit Insurance – 36 Months

Contract Frustration Insurance – 36 Months

For Confiscation, Expropriation, Nationalization, Financial Institution Political Risk – 60 Months

War on Land – 12 Months

Trade Credit Insurance

Non-cancelable coverage against non-payment as a result of Insolvency and Protracted Default. This coverage is provided in many structures and with many specialized coverage endorsements available.

Political Risk Insurance

Insurance coverage against the losses that occur as the result of a specific political risk events such as Contract Frustration, Confiscation, Expropriation, and Nationalization.

Terrorism Insurance

Insurance coverage provided on a building against the cost and liabilities that occur as a result of terrorist activities.