Trade Credit Insurance covers the insured from the risk of non-payment resulting from a bankruptcy or protracted default of a buyer. A company’s accounts receivable is one of its most valuable assets but are also vulnerable to the actions of non-related parties.

Trade Credit Insurances allows you to protect the value of your accounts receivable from catastrophic bad debt losses that could erode the strength of your company’s balance sheet.

Trade Credit Insurance

  • $40,000,000 capacity for domestic and export trade credit policies
  • Non-cancelable buyer and country limits
  • Policy terms of up to 3 years
  • Broad spectrum of industries covered
  • Discretionary authorities built into the policies for client convenience
Whole-turnover Covers all sales
Named Buyer Covers sales to top buyers
Single Debtor Covers all sales to 1 buyer
Excess Covers risk after an underlying policy is exhausted

Specialized Offerings

  • Non-Cancelable Coverage – Non-cancelable coverage provides the insured with the comfort that approved buyer and country limits cannot be reduced or cancelled during a period of insurance.
  • Discretionary Credit Limit (DCL) – Provides built in authority for the insured to approve buyers and manage their own exposure without additional underwriter approval. Losses under a DCL are treated in the same way as named buyer losses, with no cap other than the policy limit of liability.
  • No Buyer Limit Fees – There is no additional cost to the insured to add new buyers under an existing policy or increase coverage to an approved buyer.
  • Specialized Coverage Endorsements – Red Rock recognizes the unique business models that exist and crafts needs-specific coverage.